Architecture Studio, which focuses on the construction of spatial narrations in surroundings which thereby improve people’s lives and the quality of the spaces.  These are stories about places, cultures and techniques.


Sensuality, respect for the site, pragmatic design, optimization of resources, open forms and permeability –  all of these values are developed within our work through a plan carried out from reality, the poetics of things, the search for potentials, systems and new languages.


Jorge Vidal is an architect graduated by the Escuela Técnica Superior de Arquitectura of Barcelona in 2005. He studied at the Academy of Architecture Mendrisio in 2004, in Peter Zumthor Atelier and Valerio Olgiati Atelier. Furthermore, in 2003 he studied in Greece with Elia Zenghelis thanks to a scholarship awarded to him by the Mies Van der Rohe Foundation. Thanks to a master in Projects he is now preparing his PHD at ETSAB.

Since 2008 he is professor of Studio Projects at ETSAB and was the director of a series of lectures known as Foros ESARQ, at the Universidad Internacional de Cataluña from 2010 until 2016. He has taught as guest speaker in many schools of architecture. In addition to his academic commitments, he lectures extensively all over Spain and also abroad. He writes regularly about architecture.

From 2008 until 2015 Jorge Vidal was working together with Victor Rahola under Rahola Vidal Architects. In 2015 Jorge Vidal stablished the actual Architecture Practice.



  • Jorge Vidal, Head Architect
  • Biel Susanna, Architect
  • Albert Casas, Architect
  • Isabel P. Zambrana, Architect
  • Reyes Font, Interior Designer

Previous collaborators:
Xavier Isart, Roberta Ferrajoli, Nina Amat, Juanjo Luengo, Kenzo Antoni Sala Miura, María González, Albert Sabas, Pau Cornellana, Pablo Toubes, Monica Vasallo, Diana Piera, Gerardo Pérez de Amezaga.


At the moment we are not looking for new employees, but we do accept spontaneous applications.
All applications should be sent by post mail to our office with the CV and some examples of their work (up to 10 A4 sheets):

We regret that we are unable to return portfolios submitted or reply to all candidates.
As a policy, we ask to not send CDs, e-mails or links to websites as they will not be considered.


Books by Jorge Vidal

  • Edifici Collage. Rahola Vidal Arquitectes. Hardcover: 160 pages. Publisher: ACTAR, Barcelona 2011 Language: Spanish/Català/English. ISBN: 978-84-15391-09-8
  • ONVASBCN?. Jorge Vidal and other authors,  Escrits sobre les conclusions de la comissió de prospectiva Arquitectures de la Confrontació pel Pla Estratègic Metropolità de Barcelona 2010-2020
  • Prototypes 01 Glass Workshop. Jorge Vidal + Stella Rahola. Hardcover: 151 pages. Publisher: EDICIONS ETSAB, Barcelona 2009 Language: Català. ISBN: 978-84-608-0982-1
  • Pensar l’habitatge. Rafa Caceres. Design: Jorge Vidal. Hardcover: 156 pages Publisher: EDICIONS ETSAB, Barcelona 2005 Language: Català

Journals featuring Jorge Vidal

Mont-Ras Winery

  • Arquitectura Viva, number 199, November 2017
  • Conarquitectura number 64, October 2017
  • Architektur Fachmagazine number 06, September/October 2017
  • Conde Magazine number 287, April 2017.
  • AD Architectural Digest. Stil, Design, Art&Architektur Deutschland June 2017
  • Baumeister Magazine B6, June 2017

Centre Cultural Comte d’Urgell

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  • AV digital
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Parc Campus Audiovisual 22@

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Subcentral i Centre de fred 22@

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Parc Sanitari Camp Clar

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Residència per estudiants UB

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Casa Toni petit

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Kunstahaus a Chiasso

  • Peter Zumthor, Chiasso so! Architettura, Città, Territorio di una regione di confine
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Piscines a Mongat

  • Catàleg de projectes finals de carrera 2005 ETSAB. Publicació Línia vertical Projectes VII-VIII ETSAB 2004

Published texts by Jorge Vidal

  • Habitar la ciutat i el paisatge 2006-2014: Vuit anys d’aprenentatge. Jorge Vidal an other authors, Editorial Palimpsesto ISBN: 978-84-942068-1-8
  • La construcción de una atmósfera Palimpsesto magazine nº7, 2013
  • Mat-city. Plan de Kenzo Tange para un mundo flotante. Article for DPA maganize nº 27–28, 2011
  • Observar l’arquitectura. Article per la revista EDEN, 2009
  • Sentir l’arquitectura Vidal, Jorge i Rahola, Stella. Revista DC papers d’arquitectura ETSAB, 2006
  • Pensar el Lloc Article publicat al Llibre Radiografies 5 amb Rafa Cáceres, catedra de projectes V-VI ETSAB, 2006
  • Fra arte e archittectura Vidal, Jorge and Stella Rahola. Giornale dell‘Università Svizzera Italiana, 2006




  • New Residence Home for Eldery in Portol, Mallorca. Exhibition of the selected and finalist Projects for the National Competition for the New Residence Home for Eldery in Portol, COAIB, Mallorca
  • “Premis d’Arquitectura de les Comarques de Girona 2017” Exhibition of the selected and finalist Projects for the Architecture Awards of Girona,  Espai Santa Caterina de la Generalitat de Catalunya, Girona
  • Exhibition of the selected and finalist Works for the Barcelona Building Constumat awards 2017, Barcelona
  • Girona architecture awards 2017, COAC Girona headquarters


  • Exhibition of finalist and selected works for the FAD awards 2016, Dhub Barcelona


  • Unfeasible, Building in the Desert was selected for a display of unrealisable architecture projects, at Walter Knoll Gallery, London
  • Exhibition of the Selected and finalists projects for the Mostra Catalana d’Arquitectura de Barcelona COAC, Barcelona


  • Vogadors, Catalan Pavillion during the Venice Bienale
  • Ambpoc, molt, Pavelló Mies van der Rohe, Barcelona
  • Arquitectura és Paisatge, Saporo, Japan
  • Arquitectura és Paisatge, UIA Tokyo, Japan
  • Concurs Biblioteca de l’Estat de Barcelona, COAC, Barcelona
  • Barcelona Direccions, Barcelona


  • Exhibitions of finalist and selected projects for IMPSOL, COAC, Barcelona
  • Catalan Architecture 2004–2009, Portrait of one era. Traveling Exhibition opened in Paris
  • Selección de proyectos finalistas del concurso IMPSOL COAC, Barcelona
  • Prototypes 01. GlassWorkshop. Results of the book and the Workshop, ETSAB
  • Els joves urbanitzen el futur al Museu Marítim de Barcelona


  • Barcelona plans de futur Selection of Project for the city of Barcelona


  • Sensations Projecte Subcentral elèctrica 22@ seleccionat exposició Barcelona


  • Progetti a Chiasso Atelier Peter Zumthor. Chiasso, Suiza


  • Premi Hong HonkInstitute of architects Concurso Extrem Architecture, UIA Istanbul congress
  • Ajuntament de Montgat i posterior publicació de projectes VII–VIII (Piscines municipals i Nova seu per a l’Ajuntament) Línia Vertical, Edificació



  • Contenido , Organized by “East coast/West Coast, AxA”. Espacio Trespa, Barcelona


  • La cultura de la Densidad. Obra Construida, Cátedra de Proyectos IX, ETSAB


  • Transformación del eje Pere IV, ÚS Festival Barcelona
  • 3 proposals for Barcelona Master de intervención de paisaje UPF
  • The culture of Density for the Hong Kong Institute and Mies Van der Rohe Foundation. Mies Van der Rohe Pavillion, Barcelona


  • La construcción de una intuición, Bodega de vinificación en MontRas, Càtedra Projectes II, ETSAB


  • Collage Building IBA Heidelberg,Germany
  • La construcciód’una atmósfera, ETSAB
  • Re-set Debat col·lectiu entre professionals i arquitectes, Barcelona


  • Pensament ecològic, Arquinset i Ajuntament de Barcelona
  • Taula rodona amb Xavier Subías i Guillermo Giraldez sobre el documental LIGS de la seva obra. COAC, Barcelona
  • Arquitectura i futur Debat col·lectiu entre professionals i arquitectes, Barcelona


  • Edificis sostenibles e infraestructuras innovadores al 22@, Arquinset i Ajuntament de Barcelona
  • Proposta del concurs per la biblioteca de estatal de Barcelona, COAC
  • Tres Biblioteques, ETSAB
  • ¿Una nueva Arquitectura?, Conferencia inaugural Foro 2011, ESARQ UIC
  • Arquitectura i futur Debat col·lectiu entre professionals i arquitectes, Barcelona


  • Presentació de les conclusions de la comissió de prospectiva Arquitectures de la Confrontació Palauet Albeniz amb l’alcalde Jordi Hereu, Barcelona
  • Exploradores de los límites de la arquitectura Taula rodona amb Oriol Bohigas, Enrique Encabo, Rosario Fontova y FreddyMassad, dirigit per Felix Arranz. Barcelona


  • Atmospheres is mystyle, ETSAB
  • ONVASBCN? Debat col·lectiu amb arquitectes i urbanistes de la ciutat de Barcelona


  • Pensar l’habitatge. Apunts sobre la flexibilitat i adaptabilitat, ETSAB


Architecture Awards


  • Prize in Premios cerámica Arquitectura de ASCER 2017, Mont-Ras Winery
  • Finalist in Girona Architecture Awards 2017, Mont-Ras Winery
  • Finalist in Architecture Enor Awards 2017, Mont-Ras Winery
  • Finalist and Mention of the Jury in Barcelona Building Construmat Awards 2017, Mont-Ras Winery


  • Finalist project FAD awards 2015, Taché Gallery


  • Prize Bulthaup best project 2015, Casa Alegre 
  • Selected Project of the Mostra Catalana d’Arquitectura de Barcelona COAC Taché Gallery


  • Select Project FAD Awards 2014 Casa Alegre


  • Prize of the Mostra Catalana d’Arquitectura de Barcelona COAC Edifici Collage


  • Select project FAD Awards 2012 Edifici Collage
  • Selects project for FAD Awards 2011 Casa Toni Petit

Award-winning competitions


  • First Prize in National Competition for the New Headquarters of Sant Martí District, Barcelona
  • Mention in National Competition for the new Residence Home for Eldery in Portol, Mallorca
  • Third Prize in National Competition Social House Junyer i Casals in the old Danish Consulate, Barcelona


  • First Prize in National Competition for the Procuradors Headquarters, Barcelona
  • Second Prize in National Competition for Camp del Ferro pavilions, Barcelona


  • Second Prize in National Competition for the Turo de la Peira Gym. Barcelona


  • First prize in National Competition 16 Portes de Collserola, Barcelona
  • First prizeHabitatges OMS45, Palma de Mallorca


  • First prize in National Competition Escola Terrassa XXXII, Terrassa


  • First prize in National Competition Parc Sanitari Camp Clar, Tarragona
  • Finalist in National CompetitionHabitatges a Sant Boi, Barcelona


  • Finalist in National Competition Nueva residencia de estudiantes de la UB, Barcelona
  • Finalist in National Competition Supercomputing Center, Barcelona
  • Finalist in National Competition Facultad de Belles Artes de la UB, Barcelona
  • Finalist in National Competition PMHB residencia de la tercera edad, Barcelona


  • Commend in National Competition Centre d’interpretación de Mallorca, Mallorca
  • Finalist in National Competition Biblioteca Vila Florida, Barcelona
  • First prize in National Competition Centre Cultural de l’Eixample, Barcelona


  • Member of the Jury for the Bulthaup Best Project Awards 2016, Barcelona 2016
  • Member of the jury Troldtekt Awards 2014 Dinamarca 2014
  • Prize of Hong HonkInstitute of architects Awards, UIA Istanbul congress 2005


  • Professor at the Atelier projects III-IV ETSA Barcelona from 2008–now
  • Director Foros ESARQ lectures from 2011–2016
  • Professor at the Master Proyectos XXI Fundación UPC ETSA Barcelona the years 2008, 2009 and 2010
  • Professor at the “Taller Vertical” ESARQ UIC in 2010 and 2011
  • Master Thesis “Opúsculo sobre la Plaza de España. Espacio noucentista de Barcelona” ETSA Barcelona 2009
  • International Glass Workshop Prototypes 01 FCB and ETSA Barcelona 2008
  • Professor at the Catedra Blanca Atelier projects V-VI ETSA Barcelona 2006, 2007 and 2008
  • Teaching assistant Atelier projects V-VI ETSA Barcelona 2005


  • Gisa
  • Generalitat de Catalunya
  • Diputació de Barcelona DIBA
  • Consell Insular d’Eivissa
  • Ajuntament de Barcelona
  • Proeixample
  • 22@
  • Catsalut
  • Patronat Parc de Collserola
  • UPC Universitat politècnica de Catalunya
  • Fecsa-Endesa
  • Districlima/Elyo
  • Martinsa-Fadesa
  • Rbi
  • Grup Salto
  • aeterna
  • Fiestahotel Group
  • Ayrehoteles
  • Ocean Group
  • Chemo Group SA
  • Grup RAIMA
  • Il.lustre Col.legi de procuradors dels Tribunals de Barcelona