Refurbishment of Cortijo Garciaz

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Refurbishment of Cortijo Garciaz

This project is an architectonic exercise that consolidates and tames a series of existing stone walls. By introducing a collection of objects and artifacts in the different rooms of the old farm house, we create and define the use of the different spaces, giving character and personality to them. Artifacts such as staircases, chimneys, wardrobes or benches.

At the same time, we want to define the relationship between the exterior spaces and the landscape through objects like windows, doors or galleries.

This proposal wants to stress these aforementioned objects, showing the importance of the content and not so much of the continent.

Site: Garciaz, Extremadura
Status: Under construction
Program: 643,10 sqm
Client: Private
Structure: MA+SA Arquitectura
Facilities and Sustainability: Axiom
Technical Suport: Fernando Benito
Builder: Antonio Ávila
Collaborators: Marcos Catalán