El emplazamiento/El lugar/La tierra.

El estudio del programa de las bodegas nos

The study of the programme of the wine cellar leads us to favour a project around the notion of soil. The proposal, which will establish a relationship with the place, needs to emphasize and reassert the experience with the land, pebbles and alluviums, in order to be truly connected to the site, the so-called “genius loci”.

Similarly, the project can be the expression of water management, which has defined the ancient configuration of the territory. The humidity of the soil will improve the conservation of the wine. By graving the winery into the earth we could maintain an ideal temperature within and create a platform from the existing country house as well, according to the Occitan meaning of “Puget” (small hill).

The local construction technique also gives us a hint about the materiality of the project. A series of rooms, inspired by those in the “Village des Bories” (in Provençale, meaning both a “Mas” -country house- and an ox stable), could host the vats, bottles, laboratories, and the rest of the facilities. At the same time, these spaces would be intensely connected to the landscape, facing the East sun and also the linearity of the vineyards and olive trees towards the South.


Emplazamiento: Domaine de l’Avonne, France.
Status: commissioned.
Área: 920,00 sqm.
Estructura: Eskubi Turró Estructuras SLP.
Instalaciones: Ele3Jota Tecnics Associats SLP.
Sostenibilidad: Societat Orgànica + 10 SCCL.
Mediciones y presupuestos: Mario Barredo Arquitectura Técnica.
Cliente: Privado.