Mont-Ras winery

A buried concrete structure for a winery, Girona

Cortijo Garciaz

Taming existing stone enclosures by adding artifacts, Extremadura

Carles Taché Art Gallery

System of walls for art exhibitions, Barcelona

Collage Building

Vertical city, 5 buildings inside one, Barcelona

Attorney Headquarters

A collection of rooms for a working space, Barcelona

Barn House

A house in an old farm barn, Extremadura

Foam Foam exhibition

A series of foam furniture for the Mies Van der Rohe Foundation temporary event, Brussels

Chemo Gym

Mobile artifacts, Madrid

Raima shop

Collection of wall textures for the new Raima Shop, Barcelona

Alegre House II

An interior courtyard surrounded by monolithic boxes, Ibiza

Chemo Offices

Furnishing an open space among interior gardens, Madrid

Bauhaus museum

The new Museum of the Bauhaus, Dessau

Jamón curing room

Studies for a Jamón curing room, Extremadura

Alegre House

Taming an existing concrete structure, Ibiza

Colors I

A series of diagrams of projects from the studio

Stuyck House

A collection of furniture that defines the space for a house, Madrid

98,36kg exhibition

Expositive system for the Mies Van der Rohe awards 2015, Barcelona, Milan, Frankfurt, Brussels, Wien, Wroclaw, Szczecin, Leuven, Krefeld

Zozaya Offices

An organizing structure of open working spaces, Barcelona

Edifici Collage publication

A book with Víctor Rahola about the mixed use building "Edifici Collage"

Pere IV street

Reconfiguration of a street through painting, Barcelona

Concrete Structure for the desert dunes

Academic project of a flexible structure that mutes with the change of its surrounding landscape, undefined site

House of Cards exhibition

A flexible system of cards for an exhibition for the Mies Van der Rohe Foundation, Dublin

Colors II

A series of diagrams of projects from the studio

Park Campus 22@

A garden in the interior of a city block, Barcelona