Collage Building

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Collage Building

The Collage Building – Cultural centre Teresa Pàmies – is an architecture of proximity, connected with the urban landscape and the social necessities of Barcelona.

The project works as a  vertical city organized by horizontal layers, each one related with the others through perforations and voids. The building assembles different facilities: a nursery, a young centre, a library, a community centre and an auditorium.

These five programs need a close relation with the outside but they have to share the same ground floor. This latter becomes a social place, permeable and active which connects the surrounding city with the building and the public garden in the interior block.

The result is a collage of different parts, a promenade of urban episodes.

Site: Carrer Urgell, Barcelona, Spain
Status: built 2011
Program:  6.985,30 sqm
Client: Proeixample
Coauthor: Víctor Rahola
Structure: BOMA S.L.P
Facilities and Sustainability: PGI Group
Technical Suport: Mario Barredo
Builder: COMSA
Project Manager: GAM S.L


  • Award Mostra Catalana d’Arquitectura de Barcelona 2013
  • Selected FAD Award 2012