Mont-Ras winery

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Mont-Ras winery

The winery program is the result of the necessity to produce wine and organize a relationship with the existing land house. For the wine production there are four main spaces with three other ones between them. These last ones are the services spaces with all the facilities and storage. The first main space from the right, next to the laboratories and freezers, is the space for all the farming instruments and tools for the vineyards. The second one is for all the vats needed for the “mosto wine” production. The third one is for those vats and bottles that are resting. The last one, and forth, is the area for the Tastings, enjoyment and storage of the bottles that are ready to be open. One access through a tunnel from the upper side of the House is the one that organize the circulation of the owners. The access to the three other spaces is done directly from the vineyards

The soil humidity improves the conservation of the wine. We decided to grave the winery into the earth to keep it with the ideal temperature and to create a platform for the existing House Land as well. The same earth is the one that helps us to create space.

The space deepness is the sound abortion, emptiness and shadow. The light organizes the space.

The building is a platform inside the earth. Its roof is a garden that lies on top of the concrete volts which its optimized calculations have drawn a section of hyperbolic arches. At the same time the platform is the water keeper for its re-use. The external walls are designed with the ideal shape having.

Site: Mont-Ras, Baix Empordà, Girona
Status: Built 2016
Program: 573,64 sqm
Client: Private
Coauthor: Víctor Rahola
Structure: BAC
Facilities and Sustainability: Egavic
Technological Suport: Mario Barredo
Photography: José Hevia


  • First prize in Premios cerámica arquitectura de ASCER 2017
  • Finalist in Girona Architecture Awards 2017
  • Finalist in Architecture Enor Awards 2017
  • Finalist and Mention of the Jury in Barcelona Building Construmat Awards 2017