I Possessió Drift

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I Possessió Drift

I Possession Drift, Maria Pratts.

Joan Miró Foundation – Space 13

Salt and Immersion, cycle curated by Pere Llobera


The exhibition was the realization of a teamwork developed in collaboration with the artist and our team. In 4 months we thought about how we could create a new atmosphere for the room, which was related to the works that would be presented. Therefore, we thought of using metal plates and walls at different angles, which create this new scenario where the works interact with each other and their reflections, as well as with the neon produced by the artist herself.

The entire project represents a great intention that the artist expresses in her art, that her work is expressed through action, so that in all stages of creation and execution, action is very present.

Location:Barcelona, Spain.
Status: Exhibition, 2022.
Program: 191.05 m2.
Facilities: Feltrero División Arte, S.L.
Client: Fundación Joan Miró + Marria Pratts.
Co-author: Marria Pratts.
Images: José Hévia