Cala Partió

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Cala Partió

Cala partio is a Menorcan house, thought and designed from the popular architecture of Menorca. Looking for a direct relationship with the exterior, the port of Mahón and the architecture of the houses of weighers. A place of peace, overlooking the mouth of the port, surrounded by nature and sun.

The reflections presented here are intended to illustrate a way of approaching architecture -and the life around it- in a place of indisputable beauty such as Maho Bay.

Building in Menorca means doing it in a unique territory, largely defined by the natural forces of the place -climate, winds, sea, geography, vegetation, salinity, humidity…

All of them have been sculpting the island to this day and in turn defined the character of traditional Menorcan architecture. This is none other than an architecture wisely implanted and integrated into the environment, built with natural materials typical of the place, and associated with a Mediterranean lifestyle. A life linked to the sea, to the land, to the country

Location: Mahón, Menorca, Balearic Islands.
Status: Built, 2018.
Program: 251 m2.
Client: Private
Images: José Hévia