Alegre House

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Alegre House

Renovation of an existing concrete structure for a house. The proposal opens its interior as much as possible to achieve more direct relations between the exterior and the interior. The pines wood and the house live together in the same landscape. In the first floor there is the main room and the living room. The ground floor hosts the rest of the house.

The idea of the project is to offer the sensuality of the Mediterranean Sea inside the house. The materials selection is very important. We use the stone of Ibiza and the local wood.


Location: Vista Alegre, Ibiza
Status: built 2014
Program: 803.45 sqm
Client: Private
Coauthor: Víctor Rahola
Structure: Fernando Purroy
Technical Support: Luisa Vázquez
Builder: Bioconstrucciones
Photography: Eugeni Pons
Interior design: Marcos Catalan and Victor Bergnes

Best Project Prize Bulthaup 2015