Paul Klee

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Paul Klee

The exhibition installation developed jointly with curator Martina Millà and presented at the Fundació Joan Miró focuses on the fascination that Paul Klee felt for the observation of nature and its artistic derivatives. His interest and curiosity for flora, fauna, landscapes, the origin of artistic form and expression from his formative years to his last stage.

Nature as an exhibition resource, as a source of inspiration, is the guiding thread of the exhibition, which is articulated through different geometric elements that reveal the space as well as the secrets of Klee’s nature.

The strategic arrangement of each of these pure geometric elements directs us and defines the landscape path of the exhibition through its shape, color and materials.

Each of these elements is a balanced dialogue between Klee’s works and the meticulous and studied chromaticism of the exhibition that seeks to explain and define the four areas into which it is divided.

Location:Barcelona, Spain.
Status: Exhibition, 2022.
Program: 589.39 m2.
Facilities: Feltrero División Arte, S.L.
Client: Fundación Joan Miró.
Images: José Hévia