Chemo Offices

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Chemo Offices

The architecture profession has put lot of attention for decades in the shape of what we call the concave, the container. The real needs of the user were completely forgotten. Spaces need to be functional, practical.

With our approach we want to stress the convex. We firmly believe that what can generate activity will define the use of the space, the continent. This is our way to work in the design for this office for Chemo Group. We remark the importance of the design of these pieces such as: tables, chairs, plant pots, phone booths, shelves… In short, everything related to furnishing.

The offices can be understood as an accumulation of objects that are put together in a particular way to define the uses of the different areas. Different kind of artifacts that are related and added in an open space, but at the same time, they are all from the same family. Different spaces for different activities: single work space, meeting rooms, small meeting areas, resting spaces, the cafeteria, etc. It is a way to understand the exercise stressing the content but not so much the continent.

Site: Madrid, Spain
Status: built 2016
Program: 3525 sqm
Facilities and Sustainability: PGI
Builder: José Prieto

Client: Chemo Group
Images: José Hevia