Casal Junyer

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Casal Junyer

The contact between both buildings is done with glass slabs and glass facades, that allows us to let cross the light between them touching the existing building with the more subtil way. The extension in build with grey color brick. The new shape take form, goes back and is respectful with the existing. The new slabs are aligned with the old building creating an harmonic and proportionate visual line.

The main access to the Casal is done through the first floor from a platform next to Mons Square. This terrace let us enjoy about the views of Barcelona and bring us to the romantic back garden of the Casal. In this first floor we can find the lecture rooms. The staircase and the natural light guide us to the ground floor where we can find the new main room with direct access to the garden, but also the exhibition room and the bar, those pieces that  need a direct relation with the exterior spaces.




Site: Vallcarca, Barcelona
Status: Competition 3rd Price
Client: BIMSA